All on-campus ministry activities and events are currently suspended.

Some ministry groups and gatherings are meeting online. Check below for more info. Click here for questions.

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Ministering to the needs of babies and kids is very important to us here at Grace Christian Center. From the very moment a child is born, we are to instill and train them in the principles of God’s word. It is our desire to give loving care to your child’s physical needs, and minister to their emotional and spiritual needs as well.


Elevate is the Student Ministry of Grace Christian Center. We welcome all students in grades 6-12! Every week we are committed to teaching, connecting and training students on how to live a life that is not just successful, but honors God in all ways!


The Edge exists to generate environments for Young Adults to build relationships, encounter Jesus and discover their purpose!


Our desire is for every man to reach and complete his purpose. We are sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and grandfathers who have a love for Christ and a passion to become the men He wants us to be. We want to grow relationships with other Godly men so we can help each other in our walk with Christ.


Embrace is the Women’s Ministry of Grace Christian Center. We exist to create a place where you can connect with God and with women of all ages and walks of life.


It is our heart’s desire to see each marriage thrive and prosper in spite of circumstances that may come against them. According to Ecclesiastes 4:12 (AMP) two will withstand him but a threefold cord is not quickly broken. We pray that by making God the center of your marriage relationship, your marriage will thrive and become Salt and Light to those around you.


The heart of Grace Worship is to give every person an opportunity to experience God in the greatest way possible in every service.