Grace Worship

The heart of Grace Worship is to give every person an opportunity to experience God in the greatest way possible in every service. It is our desire to train worshippers, worship leaders and Tech teams with excellence to help facilitate Grace’s vision. In Grace Worship, we train you through a program called Infuse, in which we focus on helping you grow. Infuse helps everyone by encouraging growth in skill, preparation, relationship and faith.

Join The Team.

Infuse is a program where we go through the fundamentals of singing, stage presence, microphone technique and much more. As an instrumentalist or vocalist, Infuse will allow you the chance to grow close to other people who have the same heart of worship as you. It will also hopefully help you grow as a believer and as a musician. This will allow you time to get familiar with some of the songs we are doing currently, learn our expectations and get to know others on the team.


• Lead Vocals
• Background Vocals
• Student Worship Leaders
• Kids Worship Leaders


• Drummers
• Guitarists
• Keyboardists
• Horns


• Camera & Light Tech
• Sound Engineers
• Computer/Graphics Tech
• Stage Crew